Monday, November 06, 2006

ProLiant & BladeSystem - Configuration Tools

ProLiant Configurations
The HP Enterprise Configurator is very useful in helping you put together a specific configuration for any HP server and storage products. First step select you country e.g. Ireland - English, then click on configure under the HP ProLiant Servers menu option; then scroll through the complete list of servers and click on the configure button opposite the server you would like to build a configuration for. On the specific product page select the various options (CPU, RAM, Hard Disks etc.) from the drop down list; when finished click configure at the bottom of the screen. The tool validates your configuration, gives you a complete bill of materials, a rack view and lots of options for exporting the results. Click on the link below to jump to the HP Enterprise Configurator.

BladeSystem Configurations
We have built a specific configuration tool for BladeSystem configurations to make building your BladeSystem solution as easy as possible. The tool is available as an online or offline version (simply click on the Download now>> button in the main menu to download and run offline). It guides you through all the steps in building a BladeSystem configuration and the output provides you with detailed configuration data inc. a full bill of materials as well as very detailed power and cooling requirements. Click on the link below to access The BladeSystem Sizer.
Tip: Select the BTO configuration option for Ireland.

Note: You need to register with HP Active Answers to access this tool - this is a very simple, quick and easy process and gives you access to many more configuration tools and sizers inc. VMware, SQL, Oracle, Citrix etc.

Further Questions
If you need help in verifying any of your configurations of have additional questions - please eMail the - if you have a configuration saved please include this in the eMail as an attachment. The Infocenter normally close off configuration questions within 4-6 hours!

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