Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Launch Update November 2008

Todays ProLiant & BladeSystem launch is no ordinary product launch. Today we are announcing one of the most innovative technologies ever seen with Virtual Connect Flex-10.

Virtual Connect Flex-10 is the world's first technology to divide and fine-tune 10Gb Ethernet network bandwidth at the server edge. It carves the capacity of each 10Gb Ethernet connection into four NIC ports and adds the unique ability to fine-tune each one to adapt I/O speed for virtual server channels and workloads. That means our customers can add 4x more NICs per connection, consolidate equipment 4 to 1 and save up to 63% in network costs.

In case this isn't clear enough let me spell it out; with a single c7000 blade enclosure full of HP BL495c Half Height blades (16) using Virtual Connect Flex-10 translates into 4 fully populated Dell enclosures or 6 fully populated blade enclosures from IBM to provide the same amount of I/O. Each half height ProLiant server blade now supports up to 24 NICs using HP Flex-10 technology.

HP BladeSystem is winning in terms of power efficiency, management efficiency and purchasing savings of server and networking equipment by a great distance compared to our immediate competition.

Futher information available at

Forrester Research gave their reaction to this product announcement on their blog 'The View from Forrester Research' in a posting by James Staten who sees Virtual Connect Flex-10 '
Addressing virtualization’s achilles heel', check it out here... http://blogs.zdnet.com/forrester/?p=121

In addition to Flex-10 we also announced a range of even more power efficient components for the cClass BladeSystem including the BL460 G5 server, 2400W Power Supplies which provide 90% efficiency at 8% load and the new Dynamic Power capping functionality. Combining these technologies will reduce an enclosure power requirements by approx. 704W which equates to a 24% reduction in power for a typical configuration of BL460 G1 servers. Check out the updated Thermal Logic page for a guided tour and further information...

Outside of blades there is also the new ProLiant DL385 G5p with the latest AMD Quad Core CPUs codenamed 'Shanghai'. This server is tuned specifcally for virtualisation providing double the RAM (up to 128GB), support for 16 Small Form Factor Disks or 6 Large Form factor Disks (6TB of internal storage), up to 6 PCIe slots and 4 GbE NICs as standard compared to the existing DL385 G5.

Check out the product home page <
here>, the product presentation <here> and the podcast <here>

Finally we also launched the next version of the iLO (Integrated Lights Out) Management software Version 1.7 with new advanced remote management functions.

For details on all products launched click on any of the links below

HP Smart Array P700m Controller
HP NC532m Dual Port 10GbE Multifunction BL-c Adapter
HP T750 G2 UPS, HP T1000 G3 UPS and HP T1500 G3 UPS
HP ProLiant DL385 G5p Server
HP ProLiant DL185 G5 Server
HP Integrated Lights-Out 2 (iLO 2) v1.70
Windows Small Business Server 2008
Windows Essential Business Server 2008

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

HP to acquire LeftHand Networks

Sorry for the lack of publishings lately it has been a pretty hectic few months. I am just back from 2 weeks in the US where I was in Las Vegas at VMworld, in Cupertino at the HP Executive Briefing Centre and finally San Francisco where I presented at Oracle World. I am working on a bunch of postings right now so stay tuned for lots of new info, but I just this very minute saw this announcement that I thought I would publish immediately.

It has been announced that HP is to acquire LeftHand Networks for $360 million; helping to expand our virtualisation offerings. LeftHand specialises in iSCSI SANs and helps midsize companies and remote offices or branches of large corporations to protect critical business data.

LeftHand's portfolio of products will expand HP's reach in the virtualisation market with software that runs on both existing storage and industry-standard server hardware. LeftHand's software essentially allows a user to create a storage "cloud" connected via iSCSI as an alternative to Fibre Channel.

Check out their web site for further details.

Friday, July 18, 2008

ProLiant, BladeSystem & VMware Training

The HP Education curriculum has been revamped recently and is now available for viewing at www.hp.com/learn/proliant - the main page will show you generic information and any new announcements in relation to courseware and then you simply select your country from the right hand column for the list of courses and dates in your area.

New Training Credits - Day Rate Care Packs

For customers who would like to buy training with their IT solution it is now possible to buy 1 day training credits which are valid against all ProLiant, BladeSystem and VMware trainings. Likewise for our partners it makes things easier if the customer has not yet decided or are unsure as to which specific course they would like to take at the time of purchase. The credits are valid for 12 months allowing the customer to decide later, which course to take.

NEW Portfolio Day Rate HPES Care Packs
HF385E 1 unit quantity = 1 day of public scheduled ProLiant / BladeSystem training
HF386E 1 unit quantity = 1 day of public scheduled VMware training

Totally flexible:
Training can be taken any time during 12 month period
Customer can spend value on any HPES service

For more information visit www.hp.com/learn/proliant and/or www.hp.com/learn/vmware

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

HP ProLiant & BladeSystem Launch Information May 2008

May has been a very busy month for the HP ProLiant server divison with one of our biggest product launches in quite a while. Highlights of the launch include the launch of our new 8 socket Quad Core ProLiant DL785, new and updated Insight Control management software including HP Insight Dynamics, a new range of scalable modular PDUs, low power memory, and a new range of CPUs from both Intel and AMD for our G5 ProLiants.

More demands are being placed on the technology infrastructure each day. Companies are being asked to instantly react to ever changing business environments and their IT needs to be able to follow and deliver no matter what demands are placed on it.

IT is faced with controlling this change with fewer resources while driving the business to new growth and profitability. The first step to reaching this goal is to connect business technology with IT, making your infrastructure become more adaptive. HP offers a new class of management software to continuously analyze and optimize your infrastructure. With the new HP Insight Dynamics – VSE, customers can cut operational costs and adapt their infrastructure as their business grows. Customers can tackle the toughest IT projects and top business priorities in previously unimaginable ways with Insight Dynamics – VSE capabilities such as HP Logical Server Capability, Real-time Capacity Planning and Unified Control of Physical and Virtual Resources.

Whether servers are housed in an IT closet or a corporate data center, nearly every organization faces IT sprawl, resulting in under used server resources. In order to alleviate this problem, HP is introducing a new 8-socket HP ProLiant DL785 G5 Server. Think of the HP ProLiant DL785 G5 as a consolidation workhorse. The key is to do more with less—more sockets, more memory, more I/O power—all designed to help with the drive toward virtualization and consolidation. The DL785 G5 offers support for 8 Quad-Core AMD® Opteron® processors, 256GB of memory and 11 PCI-e I/O slots. With this highly-scalable feature set, this server is an ideal choice for growing enterprise class database, consolidation and virtualization environments seeking to get more compute power at a lower total cost.

Full details of the lauch can be found here.

HP Virtual IT Centre

HP has just launched our new online HP Virtual IT Centre, a uniquely interactive environment designed to showcase our latest technology solutions. The VITC focuses on minimising challenges faced by organisations of all sizes including driving efficiency, managing costs, optimising resources and conserving energy. A combination of video and animation, the VITC allows users quick access and customizable downloads for the following solutions:
  • Power & Cooling
  • Infrastructure
  • Virtualisation
  • Unified Management
  • Solutions in Action
Click here to visit.

Friday, April 18, 2008

ProLiant & BladeSystem Technology Papers now available to the Public

A huge amount of ISS Technology Papers have now been made available to our customers and partners. This information goldmine was previously only available internally within HP but this is now available to all.

Not only will you have the opportunity to read the latest technology updates from HP ProLiant but you can also read through the archives as well. I highly recommend taking a look at the archive PDF (click here) which has a complete index of the technology papers and then regularly checking the ISS Technology Papers Home page (click here) for new updates.

An RSS feed will allow you to subscribe to this technology newsletter and will be added very soon.

The current edition looks at the following topics

  • Enhancing setup and usability in HP Systems Insight Manager 5.2
  • Using Virtual Connect and non-Virtual Connect modules in the same HP BladeSystem c-Class enclosure
  • Storage HBAs are determined by the storage array provider
  • ProLiant management tip of the month
  • Interconnect infrastructure in the HP BladeSystem c7000 enclosure
  • Future-proof your infrastructure with 10 Gigabit networking
  • Recently published industry standard server technology communications

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

HP Insight Dynamics - Data Centre Transformation and Optimisation

I am just back from HP Tech@Work which was held in Barcelona last week. The big news from the event was the previewing of HP Insight Dynamics - VSE. We demonstrated it's capabilities to more than 2,000 enterprise customers at the event.

HP Insight Dynamics - VSE is next-generation management software that enables customers to continuously analyse and optimise their IT environments. HP Insight Dynamics – VSE will change the game in both physical server and virtualisation management. It brings the freedom and flexibility of virtualisation to physical servers. It offers the industry’s most advanced real-time capacity planning tool that continously analyses server capacity and power usage based on thousands of historical data points. And it lets administrators manage virtual and physical resources in the same way. It is the world’s first integrated solution to visualise, plan and change physical and virtual resources in exactly the same way.

In addition to changing the game for our customers and competitors, Insight Dynamics – VSE represents a major step forward for our HP ESS Infrastructure Software division. It builds on HP Systems Insight Manager, Insight Control and the HP Virtual Server Environment, the best of HP’s industry-leading infrastructure management portfolio. And it brings them together one integrated solution.

To learn more about HP Insight Dynamics – VSE, please visit the following website:

Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Truth about Server Market Share

February 2008 — IDC released a quarterly update to their Worldwide Quarterly Server Tracker, citing market share figures for the 4th calendar quarter of 2007 (4Q07). Here are some of the Q407 highlights...

1. For the 46th consecutive quarter, 11 ½ years, HP ProLiant is the x86 server market share leader in both factory revenue and units [1], shipping 1 out of every 3 servers in this market.

2. HP extended the lead in the blade server market, with a 47.7% revenue share Worldwide, and a 45.5% units share taking share from both IBM and Dell.

In EMEA this market share is well above 50% and closer to 60% which mirrors our performance in the Irish market.

HP grew blade revenue 74.6%, year over year, gaining 5.6 points of revenue market share while IBM lost 3.9 points of revenue share over the same period.
HP grew blade units 54.4%, year over year, gaining 5.6 points of unit market share while IBM lost 4.8 points of share over the same period.
Dell a distant third in blade units and revenue lost 4.0 points unit share and lost 4.9 points revenue share, both year over year.

For the full story please visit hp.com

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

HP Virtual Connect wins Virtualisation Award

SearchServerVirtualization.com recently announced the winners of its first annual Products of the Year awards, spanning four categories: Virtualization Platforms, Hardware for Virtualization, Systems Management and Data Protection.

HP’s Virtual Connect architecture won Gold in the Hardware for Virtualization category!

This is not surprising as the customer adoption of Virtual Connect has been very high and it is now one of the most popular interconnects in our BladeSystem portfolio.

HP Virtual Connect architectureServer virtualization simplifies server and operating system management in countless ways, but one area that has remained stubbornly resistant to improvement is managing a server's physical hardware -- specifically its network and storage connections. With its Virtual Connect technology, Hewlett-Packard Co. made serious inroads toward alleviating the problem of managing network and storage connections in a virtual architecture and has garnered our judges' vote for Gold.
In a nutshell, Virtual Connect is a novel approach to connecting and adapting server, local area network (LAN) and storage area network (SAN) domains with the aim of reducing cables and minimizing the number of switches IT administrators need to manage.
Available for HP BladeSystem servers, Virtual Connect consists of Ethernet and Fibre Channel virtualization modules that define server connection profiles for each server bay. This profile establishes and maintains Media Access Control (MAC) addresses for all Network Interface Controllers, the World Wide Names (WWNs) for all host bus adapters (HBAs), and SAN boot parameters. When a server is changed, its configuration and connection profile stay constant. When a new server takes its place, the same profile is assigned.
In this way, Virtual Connect decouples servers and the network so infrastructure changes don't require an administrator to make manual changes to LAN and SAN configurations, reducing the time it takes to reconfigure a server from hours or days to a matter of minutes.

Full details can be found on the SearchServerVirtualization web site -
>>click here<<.

To learn more about HP Virtual Connect
>>click here<<.
Learn More about HP Virtual Connect - Video
>>click here<<.
Demo of VMware ESX Host AutoRecovery using HP Virtual Connect
>>click here<<.