Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Launch Update November 2008

Todays ProLiant & BladeSystem launch is no ordinary product launch. Today we are announcing one of the most innovative technologies ever seen with Virtual Connect Flex-10.

Virtual Connect Flex-10 is the world's first technology to divide and fine-tune 10Gb Ethernet network bandwidth at the server edge. It carves the capacity of each 10Gb Ethernet connection into four NIC ports and adds the unique ability to fine-tune each one to adapt I/O speed for virtual server channels and workloads. That means our customers can add 4x more NICs per connection, consolidate equipment 4 to 1 and save up to 63% in network costs.

In case this isn't clear enough let me spell it out; with a single c7000 blade enclosure full of HP BL495c Half Height blades (16) using Virtual Connect Flex-10 translates into 4 fully populated Dell enclosures or 6 fully populated blade enclosures from IBM to provide the same amount of I/O. Each half height ProLiant server blade now supports up to 24 NICs using HP Flex-10 technology.

HP BladeSystem is winning in terms of power efficiency, management efficiency and purchasing savings of server and networking equipment by a great distance compared to our immediate competition.

Futher information available at

Forrester Research gave their reaction to this product announcement on their blog 'The View from Forrester Research' in a posting by James Staten who sees Virtual Connect Flex-10 '
Addressing virtualization’s achilles heel', check it out here... http://blogs.zdnet.com/forrester/?p=121

In addition to Flex-10 we also announced a range of even more power efficient components for the cClass BladeSystem including the BL460 G5 server, 2400W Power Supplies which provide 90% efficiency at 8% load and the new Dynamic Power capping functionality. Combining these technologies will reduce an enclosure power requirements by approx. 704W which equates to a 24% reduction in power for a typical configuration of BL460 G1 servers. Check out the updated Thermal Logic page for a guided tour and further information...

Outside of blades there is also the new ProLiant DL385 G5p with the latest AMD Quad Core CPUs codenamed 'Shanghai'. This server is tuned specifcally for virtualisation providing double the RAM (up to 128GB), support for 16 Small Form Factor Disks or 6 Large Form factor Disks (6TB of internal storage), up to 6 PCIe slots and 4 GbE NICs as standard compared to the existing DL385 G5.

Check out the product home page <
here>, the product presentation <here> and the podcast <here>

Finally we also launched the next version of the iLO (Integrated Lights Out) Management software Version 1.7 with new advanced remote management functions.

For details on all products launched click on any of the links below

HP Smart Array P700m Controller
HP NC532m Dual Port 10GbE Multifunction BL-c Adapter
HP T750 G2 UPS, HP T1000 G3 UPS and HP T1500 G3 UPS
HP ProLiant DL385 G5p Server
HP ProLiant DL185 G5 Server
HP Integrated Lights-Out 2 (iLO 2) v1.70
Windows Small Business Server 2008
Windows Essential Business Server 2008

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