Tuesday, May 25, 2010

iLO3 Overview & Demo Video

iLO 3 which is our 3rd generation of Lights Out remote management is now available in all ProLiant G7 servers delivering powerful server management that’s always available, even if you aren’t physically at the server. Just enter your Advanced license key and gain precise remote control of your ProLiant server from anywhere in the world. And it’s about more than just remote control… HP iLO Advanced also enables simplified server setup, power and thermal optimization, plus embedded health monitoring. .

HP iLO Advanced allows you to fully diagnose server problems without ever leaving your desk. With a full graphical view of your server, automatic video recording, and team collaboration capabilities, iLO Advanced eliminates unnecessary travel expenses and accelerates recovery from unplanned server outages. Do any of these comments sound familiar?

With the latest release of HP Integrated Lights-Out (iLO 3) you can now work even faster. Experience turbo-charged performance, a streamlined user interface, and enhanced standards support with iLO 3.

Here is what’s new with iLO 3: #

  • 800% faster remote console: best-in-class remote management performance
  • 360% faster Virtual Media: higher performance remote deployment and updates
  • Improved Windows Integrated Remote Console: .NET framework, so you can scale your
    remote console to fit your screen and even stretch across multiple monitors
  • Linux Integrated Remote Console: Linux IRC incorporates remote console, virtual media, and virtual power, so you can handle these tasks with one applet
  • AES Encryption in hardware: industrial-strength security with no performance penalty
  • Enhanced IPMI LAN Support: simple server control in scale-out environments
  • iLO Advanced is already included with the purchase of HP Insight Control for Complete lifecycle management for your ProLiant server and can also be purchased stand alone.

Check out a new video demo of iLO 3 capabilities @ www.hp.com/go/ilo


Zhiheng said...

look like this blog need email address to post. Here is my question again.

I am using perl scripting came with HP Proliant Support Pack. It does not work for ILO3 while it does for ILO2.

Version is 1.00 on G7 and here is response I got:

./locfg -s -f health.xml

HTTP/1.1 405 Method Not Allowed


Content-Length: 0

Server: Allegro-Software-RomPager/4.62


Will you be able to help me to sort it out? You can reply this comments to let me know.

James Henry said...

Hi Zhiheng,

Looks like this is an issue that needs to be logged with support; have you already logged a support call with this? If you do have a support case ID please let me know. I have also made the product team aware of this and they are investigating.

Thanks for the feedback.